Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We did some dying...

Um, I forgot to post about this... We did this well over a month ago. We had a 3 generational wool dye party!
We did the Martha's Vineyard undyed wool in 2 different colors - turquoise and cocheneal. I have an idea to do 2 different themed fairisle vests for the girls - one with crowns, one with birdies.
Delaney dyed the blank. Will be interesting to see how this works up.
We also turned her loose on this leftover bit of wool, it looks like easter eggs!

Other news:
The current haze of exhaustion from both kids not sleeping at all over the past 4 nights is really catching up
Delaney got sick from school in record time - a whole 4 days of class! Croup.
The baby is very close to crawling - she is doing a bit of rocking on all 4's. She is drooly and boogery - so I am unsure if the boogers and drool are from her immune system trying to fight what Delaney has or if she is teething or both.
Am is off in Massachusetts today doing some kind of crazy 100 mile bike ride.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scores at Brimfield

Tuesday, Mom and I went antiquing at Brimfield. It was a rare chance for us to get together without kids, without schedules.
Mom and I not only enjoyed our leisure, but the sausage and peppers, lemonade, and a rootbeer float for dessert.
But, I did score some really cool stuff.
Lots of vintage linens and embroidered tablecloths.

This is what I did with one already...

MIL's Christmas present = DONE! Her kitchen window looks out under a wisteria pergola thing. Chopped a tablerunner in half and put already-in-stash matching ribbon.

I was thinking that this could be transformed into a Barbie fairy dress...

A dress for Delaney out of this...

Something for Einin from this... but, what? Any ideas anyone? It is about the size of a computer monitor.

And I got this for $1. Perfect to put my coffee in the fridge for an afternoon iced coffee.
It is so inspiring to walk around all of the Brimfield stuff. I love thinking of unconventional uses for everyday items.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Delaney's first day of school.

Bye Bye Baby.

Tinks (not the knitting kind)

Made one for a coworker's daughter. After asking 80 times if Delaney wanted one, and her refusing, she finally came around...

[behind the scenes note]: as I was backing up to take this photo, I stepped on a dead mouse that Kitty so graciously brought us. It was disgusting, the insides came out. YUCK!
These are Uncle B's birthday presents. When questioned, "What are they?"
The response was, "They kinda remind me of pimples."
Happy Birthday B! Hope you like your gift. he he.

Friday, September 4, 2009


this + this = HAPPINESS (more time for crafting!!!)

I went to JoAnn's fabrics today. Picked up material for a Tinkerbell and a Fiona costume. Maybe I should have gotten patterns for them, but I guess I like to do it the hard way. Or maybe I am too cheep to spend $10 a pattern. You can get a lot more craft stuff with $10.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Farmer's Market Flowers

I just couldn't resist. I know decorating my house isn't a necessity... However, to make my case, I am declaring these as an emotional necessity. Aren't they gorgeous?!?! The big blooms are as big as my head.