Thursday, February 25, 2010

St. Theresa's Textile Trove and other inspiration

St. Theresa's Textile Trove , one of Cincinnati's landmarks, is closing its doors.
STTT holds a special place in my heart. My favorite quilt (made from STTT fabrics) holds many memories on top of, underneath and within. Here's its story....

The summer before freshman year of college, I finally received the roommate assignment I had so anxiously awaited. I hesitantly called Emily, from Kentucky. We talked for a long time. As I hung up the phone, I knew we would be great friends. Then the phone rang again - it was Emily. She needed a ride from the airport to school. Her Auntie and her mom had made her call back and ask. Since we only lived 20 minutes away from the airport, my family and I happily accepted the first chance to help her out.
Every college-aged girl to step off the plane, I asked myself, "Is it her?". Nope "Is she the one?" No. ? No.
And then, I knew it was her - she was a brilliant shining smile.
We have been friends ever since. I have never met anyone more caring, sincere, and wonderful than her.
The last day of school freshman year, we embarked on the 16 hour drive to her home in northern Kentucky. We hiked. I had the opportunity to meet her home friends. We also visited her Auntie Becky's quilt shop, St. Theresa's in downtown Cincinnati. (she got fabric too, but I still don't think her quilt is done, but that's just Em...) Em's Aunt Terrie another Aunt Terrie link
The quilt came back to school with me every year.

When I lived on Nantucket, I brought it out for the 4th of July celebration. We went out to 40th pole to see the fireworks. During all the festivities and drinking, I decided to put it in my friend's car for safe keeping. We all separated to go out. The next morning, I checked with my friend to retrieve the quilt - and he didn't have it. My heart broke a little bit, but stayed hopeful. I made a few more phone calls, but it still didn't turn up anywhere. My heart broke a little bit more everyday while the summer stretched on.
I decided to go to college late senior year because I was having way too much fun on Nantucket. At this point, I had given up on my quilt. I said goodbye.
The very next night, as friends and I found a quiet beach to hang out late night... One of them went back to the car to get a blanket. She pulled out my quilt. I couldn't believe it! They didn't realize that the quilt was mine, and I was just happy that it was taken care of! She came back.

Em and I have been together through a lot... I thank the universe every day for our connection. Her honesty, friendship, and love have given me a lot of strength - especially recently. I love how she and her family has embraced me as the quilt has been a comfort around my shoulders.
I am truly blessed.

Side note: Becky's Box of Bodacious stuff, is truly an inspiration. I've got a whole bunch of stuff planned for it...
- a bird door hanging with bells
- a touch and feel book - African Safari
- a Haiwaiian wall hanging
ooo! soo exciting!
In other crafting inspiration, Gail had her book launch
Can't wait till spring to do some more dyeing outside. BTW... According to our babysitter, Delaney thanks god for dyeing yarn with Mada and Mommy every night.

I feel all of my potential crafting welling up inside me ready to explode into some amazing art.........

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is what I'm doing now...

What we did today

Got to see Gail launch her book.