Thursday, January 8, 2009


check out this slideshow that Jen took!


click link, then click "play slideshow"

going home tomorrow.
giving sincere thanks to all the well wishes.


Knitnut,Karen said...

She's beautiful! Glad your going home.

Genevieve said...

She is gorgeous, just like the rest of her family! I am so happy for you, Kerrie! So happy! I can't wait to see you and your beautiful new addition to the your family. I love you, darlin'!

Joansie said...

Have even more fun with the new baby when the two of you get home. New babies who still have the scent from heaven are so very special.

More pics, please, when you have a chance.

Jeannine said...

She's a beauty! And I love her name! Sounds sorta kinda like mine! :)

Rhealion said...

She is lovely! I was downstairs in the ER Tuesday and it occurred to me you might be around. The nurse said you were upstairs and we sent our best through her. Welcome, lovely little girl Einin!

fordybrook said...

Lauren -
Kerrie, she is so cute - I can't wait to see her at YWAT. Hopefully the weather will get warmer and you can bring her out to see us. Congrats!!!

Shannon said...

Hey Karrie...It's you cousin Shannon. Your girls are beautiful and I cannot get over how much Delaney looks like you! Michelle mentioned something over the summer about a zoo in RI....we should def do that this summer. My girls would love it! Talk to you soon...Congrats!