Friday, May 22, 2009

A few Delaneyisms

"Mens don't carry purses." It's so you can still be tough and carry your stuff. (thank you Madagascar 2)

"Why is there a guy on the potty?" As we walked by a handicapped parking sign.

Delaney's preschool teacher mentioned that she was referring to Ameran as "my Beast." I suggested that Daddy probably wouldn't like to be called a beast. "I'm going to make him a gentleman," was her reply.

I worked on D's kitty quilt today. All I want to do is sew, but we can't be inside in such beautiful weather. I have to make the quilt longer by about 15 inches. I'll post pics soon. We enjoyed our early morning hours outside today. D drove her imaginary guinea pig in her mini coupe around. I just nursed, held the baby, and sipped my coffee enjoying the sun's rays and bird songs.

Do you guys send your quilts out to get quilted? Part of me feels like this is cheating since I am not doing all the hand made part. On the other hand, I am sure it will look WAY more professional.

I am formulating Einin's birdie quilt in my head with much inspiration from Ashley's blog. I think that I will do a log cabinish design. Exploring birdie fabric has been fun. Many of the ones I am attracted to are out of print. I have found a few online stores that look pretty cool. Does anyone have a favorite bird fabric?


Joansie said...

Have you been to Keepsake Quilting in NH? There's no easy way to get there from anywhere but, trust me, it is well worth the trip. If you are looking for something and can't find, they most likely will have it. Wonderful, wonderful place. It's the WEBS for quilters. Doesn't hurt that Patterworks is next door.

Also, across the road is the most fantastic restaurant I have ever eaten at. If you should go to Keepsake, let me know, and I'll send you links to the restaurant, and even better....I might just join you.

livnletlrn said...

So glad to see you writing the Delaneyisms down. I did it w/ my kids too. Precious stuff!

I never sent my quilts out for quilting, but I should have. Loved piecing, but I didn't like machine quilting and wasn't good at it, and that's basically why I stopped. Silly me-of-the-past.

I don't think it's cheating to use millspun yarn when I knit and I don't think it's cheating to send a quilt out for finishing. Rock on! No guilt!!