Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prayer flags our way

I am not sure about the technical way to make prayer flags... but here is ours....

-various squares/rectangles of fabric ~4"x6" (ours are not all the same size, because I am more of a whatever works/freeform kind of "artist")
- serger (not necessary - you can use a regular sewing machine and sew the flags to a ribbon or bias tape or whatever.
-rotary cutter and mat (can also use scissors)

Delaney and I layed out the order of the flags after I cut them all out.
I held down the pedal of the serger for a 10 count to make the "string" to tie it.
Delaney brought me each square and we ran it through the serger. When we were at the end, I held down the pedal for another 10 count for the other side of the "string" to attach it.

Then we both talked about what we wanted to pray for. Delaney prayed for heaven, church, and people that died. (gees, she is really asking for spirituality! how cool!) I prayed for much needed patience, compassion, understanding, love, peace, our family, my daughters, and good dreams for delaney, and some other stuff. We kept 2 flags blank for other things that we couldn't think of now, but left space for when we thought whatever it might be.
We drew our prayers on the flags with sharpies.

Then, off to hang them up on our tree!
Now for the wind to do its job carrying our prayers upon it!

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livnletlrn said...

What a great project to share with a kiddo.