Thursday, June 24, 2010

The past 36 hours

have included the following...
- proud of D for reading enough books to earn a free dinner at a restaurant.
- visit with two amazing college friends, for whom I am extremely grateful.
- harrassing text messages from %$#*!
- trip to 1st aid tent with bloody 4 year old. D rammed her head into my teeth at beach. (I still have them and won't be asking for them for Christmas)
- nice lunch
- walk to playground
- projectile vomiting
- talk with *&#@$! and kept calm
- dinner with mada and bada
- more projectile vomiting
- (precoffee) 10 minute conversation explaining to very headstrong 4 year old that she cannot swim.
- (precoffee) fish aforementioned 4 year old out of pool. "I was trying to save myself"

la la la la la
I need a vacation.

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