Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tea Cozy Pattern

I thought that I would post this pattern on my blog. It is also on Ravelry.com.

Random notes about the tea cozy...

My teapot is short and squat.
I wanted a tightly knit cozy, so I used size 4 US needles.
It has been about a year since I originally made this cozy, so there might be some mistakes in the pattern. I did my best to remember.


1 hank Malabrigo worsted (216 yd), color Polar Morn

size US 4 circular 16" needles, 2 sets

size US 4 dpns

darning needle


Note: From the provisional c/o the bottom edge is worked from the top down. Then the cozy is picked up and worked from the bottom up. I used the whole hank of yarn!

Figure 8 provisional c/o 144 over 2 size 4 circ needles.

Row 1: Ktbl, P, Ktbl, P all the way around.

Row 2: K rnd Row 3: I cord bind off. Knit c/o 3 st and move back to L needle. K 2, K2togtbl, slide 3 st back to L needle. Continue rnd. Finish by Kitchner st.
Next pick up and join yarn to knit the body of the cozy. Since you c/o over two sets of needles, you don't even have to pick up stitches! :o)

pm for beg of rnd.

Row 1: Ktbl for the full rnd

Row 2: K until desired length, 4”.

Next row: K 36 pm, K 36, pm, K 36 pm, K 36 Decrease row: K until 2 st before m, ssk, sl m, K2tog, K until 2 st before m, ssk, sl m, K2tog, cont until end of rnd. Continue decrease every row until 8 st remain. Hold.

c/o 1 st and do an icord for 2” or desired length. Tie off ends. Fold in half and stick it in top of cozy. Now, tie off remaining 8 st from cozy and cinch in icord loop.
Now, embroider flowers with french knot centers all over.
Enjoy keeping your tea warm. :o)
The Ladies at knitting night also suggested that this could be a hat. I would make it a little longer, maybe 5”.

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Debbie said...

Nice tea cozy. Looking forward to seeing more patterns.