Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Loppem finished, back to monogamy

Loppem is finished and ready for the shop. This yarn was so nice to work with. This style of cardi is great for baby bellies! Sandee had the exact buttons I wanted! Yeah!
So now it is back to project monogamy - Wisteria. I am half-way through the cabling at the bottom of the body.
After that I plan to finish Desiree and then maybe finish Ameran's Scalloway Pullover. We will see...
I am debating over what to do with the yarn from Ireland. Do I make Rogue or do I design a fisherman's sweater myself. Designing it will definitely make the sweater more special, but I really want to just knit Rogue. Time will tell....

1 comment:

livnletlrn said...

What shop? Love the Loppem. I still vote for Rogue. ;-) Can't believe you still have remnants of that shiner -- must've been a beauty!