Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drops Cardi

Since there has been some commenting on this pattern... Here is the link to my Drops Cardi and the actual pattern
Reasons why I like this pattern
1. Cascade Eco Wool is a lovely yarn to knit with, eco-logical, eco-nomical. Soft.
2. Knit on size 9 needles = quick knit!
3. It covers my neck. ( I have a thing where I like my neck to be covered)
4. It is swingy.
5. 3/4 length sleeves make me happy. (I have a thing with 3/4 length sleeves.)
6. Moss stitch detail gives a classic yet simple interest.

I bought some blackish horn buttons, but I am not completely satisfied with them. I am on the hunt for some brownish, wooden ones.
The only other modification that I will be doing is securing the inside front flap of the cardigan near the neckline with a hidden button and crochet loop. If I only do the buttons, the front overlap of the cardigan hangs down from underneath.

Here is where I will add the invisible underneath button to keep the bottom hemline from hanging low. (you might be able to see the 3 button holes on the right side of the moss stitch, this mod will be on the private side of the garment)

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livnletlrn said...

There's something very appealing about that sweater. The pattern has caught my eye many times.

I have a couple/few skeins of Cascade Eco knit up into a hemlock ring blanket that wouldn't block nicely and is too small anyway, so I'm planning to rip it out. Maybe I'll make up one of these. The yarn is a medium dark brown, so I could even overdye it all and then use some pretty glass buttons. Hmmm...