Monday, August 10, 2009


A retirement gift for a friend. I think she equates herself with the energizer bunny, so now she gets to rest - if she wants to.

I am in love with these. The pattern, the fun, the theme, the yarn !!! heart heart heart.
Drying and then I just need to sew the buttons on. Ready for fall.


angela said...

I love the bunny. It just begs to be picked up and petted.

Mystified how you can make two exactly same socks. One day maybe, but not while little one disrupts the whole thing. It's a small miracle when once in a while I get sleeves to match.

Debbie said...


Love the projects...the bunny is so cute, the sweater and socks are beautiful. I think I'd like to try the sweater on to see if I should make one.

LISMI said...

I love the socks. You're so talented.

Knitnut,Karen said...

All of your projects are lovely! Is the last one a dressor fall jacket? Either way, I'd love to make one!