Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scores at Brimfield

Tuesday, Mom and I went antiquing at Brimfield. It was a rare chance for us to get together without kids, without schedules.
Mom and I not only enjoyed our leisure, but the sausage and peppers, lemonade, and a rootbeer float for dessert.
But, I did score some really cool stuff.
Lots of vintage linens and embroidered tablecloths.

This is what I did with one already...

MIL's Christmas present = DONE! Her kitchen window looks out under a wisteria pergola thing. Chopped a tablerunner in half and put already-in-stash matching ribbon.

I was thinking that this could be transformed into a Barbie fairy dress...

A dress for Delaney out of this...

Something for Einin from this... but, what? Any ideas anyone? It is about the size of a computer monitor.

And I got this for $1. Perfect to put my coffee in the fridge for an afternoon iced coffee.
It is so inspiring to walk around all of the Brimfield stuff. I love thinking of unconventional uses for everyday items.

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