Sunday, September 13, 2009

We did some dying...

Um, I forgot to post about this... We did this well over a month ago. We had a 3 generational wool dye party!
We did the Martha's Vineyard undyed wool in 2 different colors - turquoise and cocheneal. I have an idea to do 2 different themed fairisle vests for the girls - one with crowns, one with birdies.
Delaney dyed the blank. Will be interesting to see how this works up.
We also turned her loose on this leftover bit of wool, it looks like easter eggs!

Other news:
The current haze of exhaustion from both kids not sleeping at all over the past 4 nights is really catching up
Delaney got sick from school in record time - a whole 4 days of class! Croup.
The baby is very close to crawling - she is doing a bit of rocking on all 4's. She is drooly and boogery - so I am unsure if the boogers and drool are from her immune system trying to fight what Delaney has or if she is teething or both.
Am is off in Massachusetts today doing some kind of crazy 100 mile bike ride.

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livnletlrn said...

That turquoise! That cochineal!! Such fun!!!