Thursday, October 22, 2009

My New Baby

Yes, she's a Lendrum. And, yes, I do lay awake at night thinking, "I could be spinning right now!"
Now for all the specifics!

Have to think of a name for her... Any ideas?

I purchased her through our local spinning lady (LSL) who is also a licensed Lendrum dealer. I got her (the wheel) at a great price; since the LSL doesn't need to keep up a retail store, she pretty much sells them at cost plus tax.

Yes, I did go to Rhinebeck - I came home with a Romney lamb fleece at it's 6 month clip. It looks like shiny black silk and I put my hand in it every chance I get.
After talking with the LSL about what to do with it, I am not going to have it sent out to be processed, I am going to do everything by hand - wash, pick, comb and spin it. I am so very excited.

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