Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random/rhetorical question? and rant

Why does it feel like I have less time than I did before? I thought I would have so much more free time with the schoolbus picking up Delaney. Peapod doing the shopping for me... I thought I was simplifying...
Rhetorical/random answer/s:
1. shit happens, examples: dog gets hit by car, take dog to vet, dog ok; clean up messy toy-strewn house, kid tornadoes hit it, repeat; 1.5 hour meeting actually lasts 6 !; dog pees in house, clean up, repeat; WTF!!
Also, I guess by simplifying, I am adding more activities in my "free time" space.
We have been going to the library every 3-4 days. I -heart- the Mansfield Library + the videos (especially the 1978-9 season of SNL) + the knitting and crochet books. I have been cooking a whole hell-of-a-lot-more in my gluten freedom! he he. cupcakes, brownies, bread, stuffing, it is so liberating.
ps. did I tell you I scored a kitchen aid icecream maker for $17!?!? Macy's - on sale $100 down to $80. Gift card left over from our wedding (3 years ago - no, I don't get out much), the sales associate scanned in an extra coupon - in the end I paid $17. Can you say excited. We all had peach icecream - peaches from the coventry farmer's market.
What I am thankful for:
My family, my friends, everyone's good health, the security of having employment with health benefits.
Excited that we will be going to VT for a few days to visit a great friend.

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angela said...

I know what you mean about time. If I sit down and look here for a minute, everything else goes kablooee! Especially the kid toys...though if I pick them up myself I keep them up high for a couple days. Little one earns them back by helping with clean up.