Thursday, March 25, 2010

Butterfly Mobile

wreath frame with predrilled holes
thin ribbon
8 pony beads - the beads act as an anchor for the ribbon and also a place to hang the fishing line
8 butterflies
fishing line
optional glitter

D painted the frame. I strung the frame with ribbon, tying the beads to secure. Make sure teh mobile is level when you tie all of the ribbons together at the top. I tied the butterflies onto the beads with fishing line. I dabbed some glue where I tied the fishing line to the butterflies and beads. Glued ribbon around the outer and inner edges of wreath. You could spice up the butterflies or wreath a bit with some glitter if you wanted. Would be a nice baby girl gift.
The whole project cost was less than $10.
Michael's sells the butterflies for about $5 and we have 4 leftover for another project.
Here's a detail where you can see how I tied the ribbon and the fishing line to the same bead. After I got the heights/lengths of the butterflies where I wanted them, I double knotted the fishing line and dabbed the glue. I doubled the remainder of the ribbon over itself and pushed it back through the hole to keep it out of sight.

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