Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plan of attack

All of that hard work, struggle, growth and planning have all seemed to merge together and are falling into place. A deep sense of calm and peace and knowing that all is right with the world. Thanks and praise for that O wonderful Universe!
Despite all the busy-ness, a lot of crafting has been getting done...
Been doing a lot of embroidery... a great pick up project at work. I would like to have all 12 months of the year done by next January - which I think is an attainable goal. A friend suggested to make a quilt with all the finished ones, but for now I am picture mounting them.
Been doing some spinning, with a very squeaky and wobbly wheel. Called local spinning guru to inquire about it...
On the knitting front - two goals.
1. Finish FLS by 4-21, a year after its start date
2. Organize my own Harlot-inspired get a sock done a month thing. Some of my hand knit faves have gotten some holes or are pretty damn close... Maybe this would be a good time to do some of the 2007 STR socks!?!?!?!? Lenore solstice slip and I've got that awesome stash of the kangaroo dyer's lovely goodness

Breakfast at my favorite place with my favorite people tomorrow. My girls, Mom and Dad. :o) Happiness.

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livnletlrn said...

I'm knitting socks lately too because ours are wearing thin and/or being darned. Nice fallback projects.

I don't remember seeing your FLS before. It's practically done!

Happy b'fast out to you all.