Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yvette Mini-Me Pattern

Yvette Mini-Me for Delaney

Yarn: Super Bulky
Needles: size 17 US/12mm straight and circular about 30”
Gauge: 7 st and 11 rows = 4” x 4”

Finished length (approximate)= 14”
Finished width at neck (approximate) =14”
Finished width at shoulder (approximate) =22”
Finished width at bottom(approximate) = 32”
The cable band uses 1 stitch at the L side of RS work as a border. The body of the poncho will be picked up around this stitch and not interrupt the cable design.

K – knit
P - purl
C3R – sl 3 st off needle hold at back, K3 st, K3 st off cable needle
C3L – sl 3 st off needle hold at front, K 3 st, K3 st off cable needle
K2tog tbl – Knit 2 together, through the back loop
Rnd- round
Pm – place marker
Beg – beginning
Sl – slip
St – stitch
Yo – yarn over

Cast on 10 st using longtail cast on.
Purl one row.
Begin Cable Braid Pattern.

Cable Braid Pattern:
Row 1: C3R, K3, K1
Row 2: Purl row
Row 3: K row
Row 4: P row
Row 5: K row
Row 6: P row
Row 7: K 3, C3L, K 1
Row 8: P row
Row 9: K row
Row 10: P row
Row 11: K row
Row 12: P row

Repeat Cable Braid pattern for about 23” giving the band a slight tug to stretch. End with a P row. This is about 5 repeats of the pattern. You can add/subtract/adjust the K and P rows if you need more length, or would like the cabling to be closer together.
Graft edges together with working yarn using Kitchner St.

Pick up 48 st around cable band using the one K st as guide. PM for beg of rnd. K one rnd.
Note: There will be 8 shoulder st, 16 st for front, 8 shoulder st, 16 st for back.
Increase Row: K 8 pm, yo, K 16 pm, yo, K8 pm, yo, K16 pm, yo. (4 st increased, 52 st total).
Next row: K rnd.
Inc rnd: *(K to marker, sl m, yo), repeat from *. (4 st inc, 56 st total)
Next row: K rnd. You may remove all markers except for beg of rnd.
K until piece measures 11” from top edge, or about 7.5” from where picked up under cable band. You may adjust length as needed.

Begin Broken Ribbing:

Broken Ribbing:
Odd rows: K1, P1, repeat until end of rnd
Even rows: K rnd

Repeat Broken Ribbing odd/even pair a total of 3 times.

Cast off using following method:
*(K2tog tbl, sl st on rt needle back to left needle.) repeat from * until all st are cast off.

Weave in ends and block.

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Oh, this is adorable. Is it on Rav? Can I put it on my queue?