Saturday, November 1, 2008

How many P's?

Follow up to a partial placenta previa, now perfect!
Had an ultrasound yesterday and Dr. confirmed everything was fine now. So... Yay!

Thank you to all of the ladies at work for the surprise shower on Tuesday. It was so nice to be surprised and to know that all of you care very much.

While we were sitting by the Halloween fire (Dan just finished building an outdoor fireplace), we got some naming advice from our family's Irish friend last night. He suggested Ashaleigh (I don't know how to spell it).
The ladies at work complied a list of their favorite names. The favorites included Mollie and Gillian.
I have to admit, I am still in love with the name Finley. But Ameran and I both agree with Eineen (pronounced Ay-neen). It means "little bird" in Gaelic. Our Irish friend said that he has heard of a few people with this name, but it is pretty rare. Super! Just what we want. We thought that Delaney would be a rare name, but it turns out that there are 3 Delaney-ies in gymnastics school.


LISMI said...

I'm so glad about your results!!!!!

Sam said...

I'm so glad you and your baby are fine.... I'm a little late checking this out but at least I did check it out!! I like the new name choice - I have to admit thought it's totally none of my business, I did not like Finley at all - I picked an Irish name my husband didn't really like at first but it fit her when she was born and Ciaran it was..... turns out after talking to one of the Chieftans after a concert I shouldn't have had an "n" on the end since she's female - by then it was too late and Ciaran it is. I can't tell you how mad I was when my niece named her daughter Kiera - different spelling but same pronouncation! I'm beginning to get over it after a year!