Monday, October 27, 2008

Advent Update, first crochet, Halloween projects

I have been working on the advent calendar with some regularity. It is so exciting thinking of all of the little activities we will be doing.

hot cocoa - make marshmallows and cocoa

cookie - bake cookies

plain tree - go pick out tree

sequins tree - decorate tree

stockings- hang 'em up

pinecone/cardinal - make pinecone birdfeeders - thanks for the idea Deb!

Christmas tree light- Constitution plaza? or look at neighborhood decorations.

I also made these Halloween wall hangings based on one hanging in my mom's house. I made a couple of variations of the smaller one.

Baby Bubble sweater... This pattern looks so intricate, but is so easy. I am loving it so much it is hard to put down. I finished the front or back (however you look at it) last Monday.

1st Crochet project!!! found here on


Jeannine said...

OH! Pretty! That is so cool! One day I'll learn to crochet too maybe. I will look forward to seeing your bubble sweater come out. it looks so complicated!

livnletlrn said...

love the halloween sewing. ghosties and pumpkins -- can't go wrong with any ol' shape!

LISMI said...

You are so creative!!!!!!

Story said...

talent appears around every corner...