Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project Runway Finale!

I can't wait to see who wins.
I really love Kenley's designs - classic, clean cut and funky at the same time. I sometimes agree with criticizms of her attitude and that she might be a one-trick pony. But after seeing her wedding dress, I can't wait to see her line - definitely leaves me curious. I think that I want her to win.
I also love Korto's designs. She has consistenly done a beautiful job and produced clothes that we have never seen before.
Leann did a beautiful wedding gown and bride's maid dress. I love the colors she picked.

I am glad that Jerell is gone. When Tim visited him, it looked like his line was WAY over the top with junk.

I wonder who it will be!

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Genevieve said...

I think it might be Leanne. Ken's line was pretty from what we could see of it, and the hand painting was nice. But Leanne's attention to structure is pretty darn impressive, no? I don't think Korto will make it, although I think she's a great designer. AND I do have to say, thought it was pretty bogus for there to be an extra show. I love Kenley's designs but she should have been gone after the hip-hop outfit. SERIOUSLY!!! In front of LL Cool J, arguing about what hip hop is! Hehehe!