Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun with Fleece

Round one of Fleecefest at my house has ended (photoless - I will take pictures next time). I thought that it was only one fleece, but after opening the bag, I think I got all 4. I got no enthusiastic volunteers to help me pick out all of the vegetable matter. Am said that I would love it more if I did all of the work myself. Gee, thanks, honey. I was thinking I would love it more if the whole family helped.

I followed Peggy's directions and am amazed that the fleece is a cream color! I never would have thought that caked on mud/dirt/poop and gross would have come off!

Know anyone with a drum carder? I am NOT doing all of this by hand. Thank you to Peggy for letting me borrow hers!

Pictures soon!

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