Friday, July 25, 2008

Spinning and more press for Delaney

I had my first spinning lesson today! How awesome! And yes, I think that I have found my new addiction. Peggy is a super teacher. So patient and knew exactly when I needed a break. She showed me all of the cool tools that spinners use to prepare the wool like viking combs and carders. She started me on a single treadle Ashford and then I got to graduate to a double treadle Lendrum. I was surprised to discover that thinner yarn is easier to spin that thicker, bulky yarn. My goal is to try as many different wheels as possible to figure out which to get. Mom and I may take a Monday morning someday soon to go up to the mecca Webs and try out all their wheels.
In other news, Delaney made the paper twice in one week!

The first is at a concert on the green in Glastonbury and the second is her enjoying some fruit at our hospital's ribbon cutting for our green energy system.
We also had her first gymnastics class. She had a great time. Both teachers were like, "Um, she has a lot of energy, doesn't she?" Yeah, why do you think I am here letting her run around your place?

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livnletlrn said...

We have a single treadle Ashford Traveler and a double treadle Ashford Kiwi you're welcome to try/borrow. Also a set of hand cards that are available for borrowing. I only learned enough spinning to get Leah (and Scott) started on it. Haven't gone down that rabbit hole myself, but I know it's a slippery slope. Enjoy!