Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation and A Little Something

We went to Vermont to visit a very close friend for a few days. Em just graduated with her masters in enviornmental policy making in Seattle and will now be moving in with her fiance in Boulder, CO. It was great to just get away. We picked raspberries and made jam from scratch, went to a concert on the green in Burlington and also did a little dipping and kayaking in Lake Champlain. It was so nice to have family dinners with Em, her mom and her two brothers. Delaney just looooved her brothers! Joe was excited that he got to see the Red Sox win at Fenway. When he got home, she entertained him by pretending to be Scooter, the dog. But once Andrew got home, she ditched Joe and turned on the charm for him. Delaney didn't care that Andrew just won some kind of mountain biking race and his goal is to compete at nationals next year. She told him her favorite jokes from

The vacation was not complete until we made a trip to a neighboring town to pick up steri-strips to repair Delaney's head.

Em picked out her wedding dress and wedding date for the middle of June next year. That is very exciting. I might make her the Swan Lake Stole for the wedding.

Check out Em's talented aunt

We have been going to the concerts on the green in Glastonbury. We got to meet Deb in person and her daughter and son there. We are sending good wishes her way so her daughter won't have headaches anymore. Check out her site and see an awesome picture of Delaney dancing to the music.

Made a baby kimono for my friend Beth. I make the 6 month size and it might already be too small for a baby that was born 10 pounds 12 ounces this May. I might have to just save this one and make a new one. The pattern can be found at I finished it in under one hour. Quick, satisfying and VERY cute.

I have also been working on a quilt for Delaney. I am winging it, but I think that it will combine a flower garden theme and the kittys I have been sewing. You can see the petals under the kimono.

I also finished A Little Something today. I just need to get beads for the ties.

This Saturday morning, I got a call at work from our neighbor. "Um, your daughter is welcoming the neighborhood all by herself on your porch swing." OOOOOOOOh boy. Our neighbor was great and she put Delaney back inside and made sure Am was awake. That could have turned out to be a dangerous situation, so thank you, Diane.

Finally, Yeah Summer!

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