Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent 8

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer - the 1964 version. It is nice continuing on with tradition and watching the same Christmas movies over every year. I enjoy the routine and can't wait to watch "It's a Wonderful Life."
On a side note: it is interesting to observe how politically correct or gender conscious or socially conscious we have become since 1964. Rudolph's mother was expected to stay at home while all of the MEN went to go look for him. There were other comments in the movie hinting that women were weak and subordinate.

I swatched and c/o for a present for my father-in-law. My MIL suggested he might like a vest, so I did a little research to make a very plain one (per her request), and here I go. I am going to make it out of the wool we brought back from Ireland. I am expecting it to go fast because I will be knitting it in the round.
I wish my own father would like to wear sweaters or vests, but it is just not his thing. He would rather be wearing a stinky NY Giants shirt. Oh well.

Baby is moving around a lot. I wonder when she will decide to be born. I hope before Christmas, I would love to just be home for the holidays and not have to work. I don't think that I am that lucky though. I am leaning towards one of the names, based on its meaning and uniqueness. Anyone have any ideas?
I can't wait to meet her!

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livnletlrn said...

ack - we haven't watched a single xmas flick yet. I'm not a big tv fan, but right now there's a back-up of dvds waiting for us -- waltons, m*a*s*h, mythbusters, shakespeare retold (all on loan from friends or library) -- and I still need to lay my hands on It's a Wonderful Life and the Heatmeiser show and the Grinch and...and...

so nice when all the options are good ones!

Since you mentioned Rudolph, I'll leave you w/ this for a chuckle: