Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas eve there was a huge crash and rumbling outside. Laney shot up and screamed for me - Ah the perfect opportunity....
"It's ok Laney. It was just the reindeer on the roof."
The gutter couldn't have fallen off the house on a more perfect day. :o)

Made a few sets of mini mitts and felted snowmen for everyone in the family.

Mom loved her shell tank. The vest fit Mike (sigh - of relief. Now I don't have to make another one unless I want to.)

Finished the Leaf Lace sweater, so now the baby can come any day now... Unless I have to finish the 3 piece set to beat the supersitition.


Jeannine said...

The mini mits are adorable, as is the lace leaf baby set. VERY cute indeed! You are doing things in miniature! :) Hope the baby comes when you want it to :) Happy New Year!

Knitnut,Karen said...

I love this sweater! Is it your own design? It's lovely!