Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1: Advent Day 1

Delaney pulled out the stocking from her advent calendar, so we hung up the stockings I made last month.
An elf also snuck in while we were sleeping the other night and left Delaney a Christmas tree for the kitchen table. I suggested that we make a tree-skirt for it. She wasn't too thrilled about it; but when I asked her how the elf was supposed to leave surprises if there was no tree-skirt, she quickly changed her tune.
(I'll update with pictures later)

Also, check this out!

Class for it will be on Friday, December 5th at 5 pm. Yarns with a Twist, Chaplin, CT. You just pay for materials. It will be roughly $10-$15. Bring your needle felting accouterments.
Also, made him too...


Joansie said...

Hi, I wanted to check out your Santa on Ravelry, however, the link only allows me to sign in. Are you on my Ravelry's Friends' List? I'm Fiberaddict.

livnletlrn said...

cute, cute, cute! I haven't put any of my needle felted projects on Ravelry because they're not really knitting or crocheting, but here are some santas I've done:"secrets+no+more"