Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Awesome Spontaneous Days 1 and 2

Day 1:

Delaney and I had the most wonderful day (last week that I never posted about and didn't have my camera). We started by taking Baxter to a nearby field for his daily run and fun. Then we armed ourselves with a huge bag of carrots and headed off to Sandee's farm and LYS. Laney and I shared an iced chai on the way. We fed all of the horses and got to pet them. (I also got some Manos for those awesome mittens in the Fall Vogue 2008).

On the way home, Delaney pointed out the airport. I was amazed that she knew that it was there, because you can't exactly see it from the road. She asked to see it, and having nothing to do, we stopped in. We got there in time to see a Schweizer helicopter take off.

Afterwards, the people working at the airport invited Delaney to sit in a 2 seater airplane. We got a tour of the hangar and propellor mechanics. It was great.

Day 2:

The week prior, Ameran, Delaney and I had another marvelous day. After finishing up some business at UCONN, we went out for Thai. As we were dining, a co-worker came in to pick up a take-out. Delaney ran over to shake his hand. (do we have a politician on our hands already?) He snuck out really fast probably to be with his family. We finished up our meal and asked for the bill, and the staff smiled at us saying our friend had already paid for us. We were floored.

Then, when we were leaving and for most of the ice cream time at the Dairy bar http://www.canr.uconn.edu/ansci/dairybar/dbar.htm , we saw the most beautiful rainbow. BTW, the Dairy Bar has a list of all allergens in its icecream. VERY Nice to have a list like that instead of employees not knowing...

During dinner, Am and I were discussing a new patio set. He said he had seen Home Depot had a 20% off sale. We decided to go investigate. We walked in and saw that it was 40% off! Whoo hoo! We picked out this set. http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&productId=100493332&N=6+502544+90401

Unfortunately, they only had the floor model with 3 chairs. :o(
Well, they threw in the umbrella (retailing around $120) for us. We looked at each other "SCORE!" Nice rocking chairs, and my is it nice in the shade. :o) Happy campers.
I keep thanking the universe for all of the wonderful opportunities that just seem to fall on our laps. Thank you to all of the wonderful people there are in the world that do nice things for others.

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