Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of Nursery School and a black eye

Delaney started her first day of Nursery School today. She seemed to really like it. I will post the obligatory first day of school picture when I have access to my mom's computer. I had her stand out by the cosmos in the front yard.

Am was wonderful and took Delaney with him while he went grocery shopping. I got to lay in my bed. Ahhh. Then they came home and she immediately found me. We snuggled and played for a few minutes, and then she bashed my face in with the back of her head. Thank god Am was there to make sure I was ok. (It always is nice having a paramedic on hand when you need one) He got me some ice. Delaney was very upset and was very appologetic. She kept saying, "No cries, Mommy." It keeps getting more black. I hope it doesn't inhibit my knitting capabilities. ha ha.

Tomorrow it is off to New London to visit some family friends on Ocean Beach. Yay!
Then to pick up my new glasses. (Teal and Chartreuse, with rhinestones) Yay!

Then to an OB appointment. Yay!
Then to work. Blah.

Prioritizing rant follows:
My goal is to be monogamous with Wisteria. Hopefully this goes according to plan. I am pretty sure I can accomplish this over the weekend. Once I finish Wisteria, I am debating what to do. I need to make a game-plan and stick to it. I think that it will be as follows:

1. Finish Desire by French Girl. I am halfway done, damn it - and it is on size 17 needles. This should be a cinch.

2. Charity knitting for Warm Woolies for the Good Karma/Guilty Pleasures Swap.

(Here's where things get a little jumbly)

3. Do I cast on for Rogue?

3 (alternative) Do I cast on for something else on my queue? Like Loppem? That should be a quick knit and will also be useful while bebe is still in my belly.



livnletlrn said...

I'll prob. be casting on for Rogue (possibly a knitalong w/ Leah, one for each of us) within a few wks, so my vote is for that. :-)

Story said...

I wanted to join the Good Karma swap...have you been involved long? Hope your eye heals quickly...although it did make you look pretty tough last night...I think it a kind of "you better back off kind of way"...ha!