Sunday, August 10, 2008

Martha Stewart should fire the intern

I just wasted 3 hours of my life last night trying to figure out the reversible purse from Martha Stewart online. I cut out the fabric, followed the directions and it didn't work. I ripped seams out, tried it a different way and it didn't work. I tried to stay positive and say that was just a prototype, I can salvadge that later and make a mini one for myself. I cut out new pattern pieces and tried again yet another way, and it still didn't work. I finally gave up. I thought about writing Martha and telling her to fire the intern that wrote the directions. But then I thought that wouldn't be nice. I decided to read the comments of others about the project...

I watched the video and it totally helped decypher written directions. It was like one of those barn puzzles to get the ring off of the thing, but you just can't figure it out.

Take one. Take two.

Not only did I waste 3 hours of time, I wasted about 1.5 yards of nice Amy Butler fabric. Blah.
Finished the Shell Tank!!!!

And finally, some fun from Delaney's birthday.

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livnletlrn said...

love the shell tank -- what a cool pattern. sorry we didn't hook up this evening. Didn't make it to the play either. Had a migraine to add into the mix today. Blech. Feeling better now, but a migraine always leaves me wiped out. Catch you next time!