Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fartin' in a milk carton with Dolly Parton

1. Got some pregnancy news the other day. THE GOOD NEWS: The baby looks good and normal and healthy. THE BAD NEWS: However, I have a partial placenta previa (say that 5 times fast). The doctor said, "So, just as before, no intercourse." It was like one of those movie moments where the record player screeches to a halt and the camera pans all around into a dizzy circle. I was like, "Um.... Wait a minute. This is the first I am hearing of that. No one said anything like that before. Well that sucks." THE GOOD NEWS: We get another ultrasound at 28 weeks to check on things. Maybe we will be able to find out if it is a boy or girl! I have a name for a girl that I really like, but Am is not too fond of it. He says that people will make fun of the name. If you ask me, people/kids will make fun of any name whether it rhymes with something or not. I guess no one made fun of him because no one has ever heard of his name then or since. I think he is the only kid that never got made fun of because of his name. I am still scarred for life thanks to Karl Bayek. "Karrie Martin fartin' in a milk carton with Dolly Parton."
2. Thank god for Knitting Night. All of you lovely ladies were just what I needed. A good laugh and good times. Natasha, you are right, if we ever recorded our conversations, boy..... I love all of you and am so grateful for the support we share.
3. Mom and I went on a WEBS voyage yesterday so I could test drive a couple of spinning wheels. I tried a Louet and the Ladybug. I definitely liked the Louet. I wanted to love the Ladybug because it is just so damn cute - but it didn't feel as smooth as the Lendrum or Louet. Thank you to Gail for being such a wonderful person and helper. She helped set up the Ladybug from the box so that I could try it. Gail, it is great to know someone that is just as much excited about spinning, dyeing and knitting as you are.
I also go to meet Joan . She is also a beginning spinner.
4. As if Webs wasn't enough, I purposely took the scenic route home to go by Mocha's Fiber Connection It is great to support their small shop because of their philosophy and supporting small, local businesses. I got a little bit of roving and some felting needles. Which turned into my first needle felting project.
5. I knit what turned out to be a big nest (out of Lamb's Pride worsted). I cut it in half and then felted the ends together to make 2 smaller nests. I took the robin's egg color batt along with some of the left over creamy Manos and nest colors and felted 3 eggs.
All Delaney wants to do is to hold a bird. Whenever she sees one, she runs after it with her hands wide open just wanting it in her hands. (I think that having Snow White as a role model is reinforcing this desire.) When Delaney woke up this morning, I told her Momma Robin stopped by last night and asked me if Delaney would look after her eggs. I explained if she took really good care of them by being gentle and keeping them warm, maybe baby robins would hatch. Delaney was so excited and handled the nest with care. As I tucked her into the carseat this morning, I kissed Delaney and then I kissed the nest. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her do the same. It was so cute. I plan to switch the eggs out one night after I make 3 baby robins.
6. Started Wisteria. Yay! Almost done with the yoke!
7. Photos to come!

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livnletlrn said...

I have ~20 lbs on Peace Fleece in ~20 colors. Perfect for needle felting. LMK if you want some. My fam is at the Cape, so I have the house to myself -- whee ! If you have time this afternoon, just send me an email and I'll give you directions to come on over.

Tx for the link to Gail's blog. Seeing her pic there made me realize that she's the Webs employee who is so fond of Leah and makes a special point of talking to her every time we're there.